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At Venta Moncalvillo we want to make sure that you will find a warm and nice ambiance. This is also conected with an excellent and caring service. We offer four different spaces, according to your needs and requests. We invite you to take a look to them.



Main Salon

Although is a wide space its atmosphere and furniture bring and intimate ambiance. Two front and luminous windows show a charming view of the restaurant’s field. The visitor will discover how the vegetables grow in this area and also that they can try them in the menu.

The walls are painted with autumn colors, such as burgundy, or rustic brown, and the light crosses the homemade coloured stained windows in the salon.

 Private area


Private Salon

This room gives the opportunity to have lunch or dinner in an intimate way. It has space for eight people and it is a good option for celebrating small events, with discretion. The private salon has zenithal lighting above the table and in both sides. The room is painted in light salmon and rustic brown, and is perfect for a small group of people who need an intimate lunch or dinner.



Retiro Salon

The perfect ambiance to bussiness meetings, family lunches, or courses, this salon has space for sixteen people. There is a large window to show natural lighting and also the terrace of Venta Moncalvillo, and its field. The colors of Retiro Salon, brown wood and white, provide a nice environment for having lunch. At the back of the room one little fireplace made of rocks helps to keep a warm atmosphere. Its decoration shows also fresh cut flowers and ceramic objects from the town of Navarrete, symbols of traditional Rioja crafts.

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Events Salon

This is a wide space, set up to celebrate events as family events, gastronomic  trainings for international travelers, business meetings, and other kind of celebrations.  It has a wide range of facilities such as sound equipment, presentation equipment, and lighting.  Its ambiance brings the visitor a view of the countryside and the colors of the room create a calm atmosphere.

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