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vegetable garden

Venta Moncalvillo is located in a natural privileged environment, and fertile. These natural products build the restaurant’s menú.  Rioja wines are famous and its food also has an excellent quality.


Ebro and Daroca rivers provide with water Venta Moncalvillo’s field. Its fresh vegetables are the main ingredients when we talk about Ignacio Echapresto’s style of cooking. The visitor will taste them joining dishes or as a main course. They are the guest stars in our kitchen in all seasons, specially in spring: Zucchini, borrage, tomatoes or artichokes. Our products are collected every day and with a special treatment. Its flavours and smells are unique and we serve them directly in your meal.

Moncalvillo mountains chain keep big forests of beechs, pines and other species. Wild mushrooms and fungi grow better in a cold mediterranean climate and they are part of Autumn gastronomy. These wild forests provide Venta Moncalvillo with young pigeons, deers or wild boars, for dishes of the season In adittion, fresh fish as cod, grouper or hake are also part of the menu. One of our secrets is grilling hake barbells on vine hoots which adds a traditional natural flavour.

onions and potatoes



Spring products


Autumn: small game hunting dishes and wild mushrooms

                  - Artichokes                       - Loin of lamb served with wild mushrooms
                  - Farmed chicken                      - Boletus edulis and young pigeon cannelloni     
                  - Asparagus    

Summer : fresh products


Winter: Stews and big game hunting dishes

                  - Crayfish carpaccio.                     - White beans "pochas" stew with quail ravioli
                  - Laminated wild mushroom with truffle.                     - Thistle with foie gras with walnut and quince
                  - Asparagus    


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